Yasuhiko Arakawa – Plenary

Jun 26, 2018


45 minutes

Progress in quantum dot photonics: From science to practical realization

Since the first proposal of semiconductor quantum dots in 1982, the quantum dots have been intensively studied for both fundamental solid-state physics and advanced device applications. Fully quantum mechanical confinement of electrons has enabled the realization of high performance quantum lasers, high-sensitivity quantum dot infrared detectors, and quantum information devices such as single photon sources. Quantum dots can be also applied to solar cells with a forecasted conversion efficiency over 75% toward the future sustainable renewable energy system. Moreover, embedding a single quantum dot inside a photonic nanocavity provides a new platform for studying solid-state cavity quantum electronics (cavity-QED).

In this presentation, we overview recent progress in quantum dot photonics, including practical realization of quantum dot lasers and single photon sources operating above room temperature. Moreover, advances in quantum dot cavity-QED as well as future prospects of the quantum dot photonics are also discussed.

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