Emerging and Hybrid Quantum Dot Systems

Jun 27, 2018


Gerasimos KonstantatosEngineering CQD solids at the suprananocrystalline level and their synergism with 2D materials for optoelectronic applications and solar harvesting
Oleksandr VoznyyImproving quantum dot synthesis with machine learning
Simon FaircloughThe Colloidal Synthesis of Luminescent Nitride-Based Quantum Dots
Maksym KovalenkoColloidal nanocrystals of APbX3 perovskites [A=Cs+, CH(NH2)2+, X=Cl-, Br-, I-]: synthesis, spectroscopy and applications
Maryam Alimoradi JaziQuantum of Optical Absorption in 2D PbSe & CdSe Nanocrystal Superlattices
Andreas RiedingerKinetic Growth Instabilities in Isotropic Materials Lead to Nanoplatelets
Alexander AchsteinDirectional emission and two photon absorption in colloidal CdSe quantum wells
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