Instructions for Presenters


At QD2018, the boards available for affixing your poster are 6 ft wide by 3 ft tall, with the top of the board approximately 7ft from the ground (see image below). Your poster must fit within this space, though your poster can hang below the board area if you like.

We recommend that your poster be no wider than 5 ft, and no taller than 4 ft.

We will provide Velcro materials to affix your poster on site. Posters must be put up the day of the poster session (Tues June 26 or Thurs June 28), and taken down by the end of the session.


File Formats and Recommendations

  • All presentations must be in either Powerpoint (.pptx) or PDF formats.
  • Use large fonts to ensure that text is readable from across the auditorium.
  • To keep file sizes manageable, we recommend compressing figures to no more than 120 dpi. Do this by right clicking on a picture and select Format Picture→ Compress, then check the boxes to select “ALL pictures in document” and for “Web/Screen display.”
  • Keep your presentation simple to avoid formatting issues. Only use videos if absolutely necessary, and make sure to test them before your presentation. Audio will be disabled for slides.
  • Upload your presentation by end of June 22, 2018. Presenters should email for upload instructions.

Presentation Timing

Note the timeslots below. Session chairs will be proactive in limiting speakers to their allotted times.

  • Plenary: 45 minutes (35 minutes + 10 minutes for questions)
  • Invited: 25 minutes (18 minutes + 7 minutes for questions)
  • Regular: 15 minutes (10 minutes + 5 minutes for questions)

On the Day of Presentation

  • Bring a copy of your presentation on a USB key for backup
  • Meet with your session chair before your session to check your file (during break before your session). There will be no time to test during the session.
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