Planned Excursion

An excursion to Niagara is planned for Saturday, June 30 2018. Tickets for QD2018 attendees are $20 CAD + tax

To get your ticket, please visit: https://www.ece.utoronto.ca/qd2018-excursion-to-niagara-falls/

Use the same information as your registration to make sure you confirm your spot! Sign up closes June 22, 2018.

Registered attendees will be able to join a private guided bus tour to Niagara at a greatly reduced rate. The tour will include:

    – Guided commentary throughout the day
    – Visit to an award winning Niagara winery (free wine tastings included)
    – View historic town of Niagara-on-the-lake
    – Scenic drive along Niagara parkway
    – Guided photo stop at Niagara Gorge
    – The beautiful floral clock
    – View Queenston Heights and the Hydro Power Station
    – Free time at the Falls
The tour is expected to leave Toronto at ~8:30 am, and return to Toronto at ~6 pm (with dropoff at Pearson Airport and downtown) .
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